SFT President: ‘We should be working all weekend long, day and night, to get a contract.’

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For Immediate Release 
Nov. 5, 2021                                  

Rosemary Boland

Janet Bass


SCRANTON, Pa.—Statement by Scranton Federation of Teachers President Rosemary Boland on the status of contract negotiations:

“We should be bargaining all weekend long, day and night, to get a contract. If this district was serious about reaching a fair contract with its educators and getting our kids back into classrooms, it wouldn’t waste a minute. Scranton teachers and paraprofessionals will be back in school when they have a contract that shows that this district cares about Scranton students and respects their educators. It’s gratifying to see how much parents and the Scranton community support their educators. It’s terribly disappointing that the district doesn’t feel the same way.

“I want to shut down any and all characterizations that our proposal would require a tax increase. The union’s proposal would not raise a penny in taxes; it would be funded completely by federal and state funding that is earmarked for education and available to use immediately.”


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